Here’s the rest of photos from a fun engagement session last fall with Stephanie and Dan and their puppy Guinness, click here to see Part 1! I really enjoyed photographing this session; it was one of those times where I hit the jackpot and got an awesome + creative + photogenic couple who were up for anything!

It’s been a busy New Year thus far, so this blog is a little neglected! Here’s an engagement session from last fall with Stephanie and Dan, an awesome couple who were really enthusiastic about being photographed. They were amazingly creative and even brought 3 outfit changes to the photo shoot, which yielded a TON of great pictures. This is just the first portion; stay tuned for the rest!

I could go on and on about how great Genna and Rakhat are… suffice it to say that I’m very fortunate to know two individuals who are so intelligent, sweet, and clearly in love – not to mention photogenic! Here’s a very special couples session that I shot while visiting them in Washington D.C. last fall.

Here’s a quick preview from an engagement session I shot this fall for Stephanie and Dan and their puppy Guinness! Stephanie and Dan were really sweet and enthusiastic – they brought three outfit changes and a wealth of awesome ideas. Stay tuned for the complete post!